LED Video Wall

· 4K whiteboard infinite display, zoom in/ out of pictures

· Physical tempered Mohs level 7 explosion-proof;

· Adopt zero fitting technology, no gap between glass and display screen, reduce diffuse reflection, effectively improve display effect ;

· Support any signal source annotation function, which can be switched at any time


Basic Parameters
Model No.LD550DUN-TMA4
Screen Dimension55inch
Screen TypeTFT-LCD
Viewable Area1209.63mm(H) x 680.34mm(V)
Display Scale16:09
Maximum Resolution1920x1080
Pixel Pitch0.630mm(H) x 0.630mm(W)
Display color10bit(D) 1.07 Billon colors
Brightness500nit (Tvp)
Contrast Ratio.CR1100:1 (Iyp)
Viewing angle(up/down/left/right)89°/89°/89°/89
Response time8ms
InputDVIx1,HDMl (Support 1080P backward compatibility)x1,
OutputRS232:RJ45x 1RS232 (Ringtone): RJ45x2
OSD AdjustmentmenuChinese/English

LED Video Wall

Splicing function design. The splicing function, along with software that enables single screen display, whole screen display, and adjacent screen display, makes it easy to create custom video walls.

Narrow bezel design. With a 0.88mm splicing gap, the display has a sleek appearance and is ideal for large video wall installations.

Full metal frame design. The interference-proof metal housing and excellent heat dissipation make it a reliable choice for demanding environments.

All-day display design. Designed for high-load, all-day applications, it supports 24-hour on/off operation.

Pixel Shift. Protect the lifespan of the LCD screen with the automatic elimination of residual images during extended viewing of static screens in the security and surveillance industry.

Special signal processing. The 3D noise reduction and dynamic noise reduction features enhance image quality, providing a superior viewing experience.

Green design. RoHS compliant, caring for the environment.

General-purpose modules are easy to upgrade

Standard size 320x160mm, equipped with different point spacing, easy screen change

LED Video Wall


1.Read the user manual before using

2.Keep the user manual for further using

3.Must strictly follow the warning instructions on the machine's instruction manual

4.All instructions must be followed during operation.

5.Do not use devices not recommended by the manufacturer. Unexpected malfunctions may occur by the improper settings.

6.Before connecting the AC power cord to the power outlet, please check whether the equipment voltage source is suitable for the local power supply conditions. If you are not sure of the type of electricity used, please contact the dealership or local power department.

7.Do not press or twist the power cord with any objects. A damaged power cord can cause electric shock or fire

8.Please do not try to repair this machine by yourself, because there are high-voltage devices and other easily damaged components in this machine, which will cause various harms to the human body or the monitor itself. Please be sure to ask a professional maintenance person to repair it.

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